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I'm interested in apprenticeships. Where do I start?

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program allows high school students to learn about apprenticeship training and have an opportunity to begin apprenticeship training while they are still in high school.

The Job Connect program provides information about apprenticeship, and can also help you learn about different careers and find out which jobs are in demand.

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Are there any special programs for Aboriginal youth?

The Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs' Youth Zone provides links to help Aboriginal youth find the right job or plan a career. It also lists all special programs for Aboriginal youth in Ontario.

Looking for a summer job? Check out the Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program.

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I have a disability. Where can I get information to help my job search?

The Ontario Disabilities Support Program helps people with disabilities find work.

Ramp for youth has a great list of links to employment and training programs.

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I want to start my own business this summer. Can you help me?

The Summer Company Program can help you come up with your own business idea and even provide you with up to $3,000 to help you get started.

Learn how to develop a business plan by using the new Business Planning Wizard.

Also, the Canadian Youth Business Foundation provides financing, mentoring and online support for young entrepreneurs.

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Do you have information on volunteering?

Check out our section on volunteering.

Also, learn about Change the World, the Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge.

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